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Books sold by the direct foot

Books sold by the direct foot

I’m a huge fan of the Cosy Places subreddit, but rapidly discovered a crucial tell that a charming space isn’t lived-in: libraries of consistently good-looking or antique books that tell you you’re looking at a set, or the corner of a furnishings store.

The reality is that books tend to be a “loud” presence, developed to market themselves and exhibiting loud and fashionable style fads. Ready sources of low-cost books– library clear-outs and estate sales– only reflect this state of affairs in bulk.

So it ends up there’s an entire industry of books carefully picked and arranged to look excellent, sold in bulk according to a range of visual or conceptual themes. Color gradients is a hot pattern in the world of books offered by the linear foot.

Simply a few shops I discovered: Books by the Foot, Zubal Books, The Bo

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