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The Reason You Do Not Accomplish Your Objectives (and How You Can Do Better in 2020)

The Reason You Do Not Accomplish Your Objectives (and How You Can Do Better in 2020)

Kate Volman describes 2 approaches to enhance your creation and pursuit of objectives.

2 minutes read.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman describes how to attain your goals. It’s often simple to articulate think up big objectives, but it is harder to attain them. It is common for people to hold onto one specific goal for years simply because they did not have the time and focus to tackle it.

Bring into play the book, The Culture Solution by Matthew Kelly, Volman points to two problems that make it difficult to achieve our objectives. They are:

  1. Lack of plainly specified objectives. In the face of uncertain timelines and expectations, any well-intentioned goal has no opportunity. Ensure your goals are thoughtful and measured against some sort of timely deadline.
  2. No accountability partner. Without a specific to keep you focused and making every effort, your objectives will fall to the wayside. Think about connecting to a trusted good friend, coach or worked with coach to assist you remain productive.

Click the video to hear more about attaining objectives from Kate Volman.

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