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Amazon reinstates FedEx ground shipment for Prime after suspending it last month

Amazon reinstates FedEx ground shipment for Prime after suspending it last month


Amazon has actually reinstated FedEx as a ground delivery carrier for Prime members’ deliveries. The online seller stated today the shipper consistently satisfied its shipment requirements, after suspending it last month.

On Tuesday, Amazon formally informed third-party sellers they may now go back to utilizing FedEx’s ground-delivery shipping services for orders.

Annie Palmer at CNBC reports that FedEx is confirming Amazon has actually raised the ban.


” This is great news for our shared clients who have pertained to count on the FedEx Ground offering,” the spokesperson stated. “We eagerly anticipate working with Seller Satisfied Prime merchants and providing outstanding service.”

Sellers have been unable to use FedEx’s ground delivery services to ship Prime bundles for nearly one month. In December, the company suspended third-party sellers’ access to FedEx’s ground and home shipment services for Prime orders. Amazon blamed the decision on FedEx’s bad delivery performance, noting it would resume gain access to once the service enhanced.

The choice caught some third-party merchants off guard during the busiest shopping period of the year. Some sellers were required to discover a new carrier and possibly deal with higher upfront costs as an outcome. Other sellers said they had grown disappointed with FedEx’s service hold-ups.

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Amazon raises FedEx ground-delivery ban for sellers, FedEx shares increase[ via techmeme]