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Top 10 books to promote culture enjoy with its

Top 10 books to promote culture enjoy with its

Top 10 books to promote culture enjoy with its

Top 10 books to promote culture enjoy with its

In spite of the technical progress that has been simplified in how to access and share information, the number of means of such participation and the type of sources of access to information, but this tremendous progress could not replace or even reduce the value of reading books in all its forms, but added to the interaction As new as downloading from specialized Web sites or buying e-books in multiple formats, the book has become multiple forms and formats but it remains the most important and loyal friend of humans and the main accompaniment of progress and urbanization.

With such a wide variety of book formats, titles and of course titles, the reader still has trouble accessing the right book, and here comes the importance and need to learn about the experiences of others who have already read many books.

The Internet is filled with many sites, pages and articles that offer a selection of books that can not be missed reading, and this article is a contribution from us in this area, where we offer a collection of books that we recommend the Arab reader to see them because of the fun and scientific benefit.

1. Brief history of time

“A Brief History of Time from the Big Bang to Black Holes,” published in 1988, was written by renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking, one of the best-selling books in history, selling more than 10 million copies in just 20 years. It continues to be popular today with non-specialist science enthusiasts.

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The book “A Brief History of Time” is one of the books that simplify science wonderfully and unprecedented, the book is not directed to specialists but can benefit everyone to learn about many of the major scientific facts in the history of the entire universe.

2 – 50 months myth in psychology

This book was published in 2009 and was written by a group of researchers specializing in psychology. The book works to fight what is known as popular psychology, which planted in our minds many myths and lies that most of us think are correct, ignoring the scientific psychological facts.
The book offers a critical view of fifty false popular psychological theories, and provides a correction based on reliable and considered scientific theories.

3 – Historical mysteries

Paul Aaron, in his book “Historical Puzzles,” throws up an exciting search of the most mysterious events of all time. In this book, Paul Aaron attempts to present all the theories about these mysteries in an attempt to discover the truth.

4. A nation of geniuses

In her book A Nation of Geniuses, British writer of Indian descent Angela Saini discusses how Indian scientists have reached a level of global scientific appreciation that other third world scientists have not been able to attain. And their scientists to this rank.

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5. Encyclopedia of literary theories

Dr. Nabil Al-Ragheb was able to review in his book published in 2003 seventy literary theory through which he was able to draw a complete painting of the history of literature throughout history, and the importance of the book lies in being a major Arab reference for those interested in literature and organized by specialists and amateurs.

Top 10 books to promote culture enjoy with its
Top 10 books to promote culture enjoy with its

6 – Serendipity: scientific discoveries are the result of chance

In this book, chemistry professor Robston Roberts reviews a wide range of scientific discoveries that have been discovered purely by chance, such as penicillin, safety glass, many types of plastics and other scientific discoveries and innovations that we use in our daily lives.

7- The last three minutes

Paul Davies explores the future of the universe based on his view of its inception and origination based on the theory of the Big Bang and theories of the continuous expansion of the universe.

8. The Book of Reflections by Marcus Aurelius

The Greek Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who remained as ruler of the Empire from 161 to 180 AD, wrote a book called Meditations, a collection of personal experiences aimed at maintaining mental power. One of the most important philosophical books written by Aurelius, who is considered one of the most important philosophical kings.

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9 – Book thousand inventions and invention

The book (A thousand inventions and invention) is the most documented sources that record the achievements of Islamic history scientists throughout the ages in many fields, and the book includes the achievements of many scientists such as Al-Jazari and Hassan bin Al-Haytham, as well as Muslim astronomers who had a significant contribution to the development of this science Him today, so all Arabs and Muslims should read this book and be proud of our ancestors of geniuses

10- The Book of Myth by Robert A. Segal

This book takes us to the depths and origins of the myths and their evolution, as well as the motives that made people in the past create myths and how they used them, and the relationship of superstition to philosophy, literature, psychology and other sciences, as well as how they evolved over the ages.