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The best books that increase your intelligence

The best books that increase your intelligence
The best books that increase your intelligence
The best books that increase your intelligence

The best books that increase your intelligence

There is a group of writers whose aim was to help others learn from their experiences and the experiences they have experienced or heard about, where they shorten you the way and tools to reach the information, intelligence is to be better than before and not to be better than others. Intelligence is also meant to be sophisticated, not genius, sophisticated in understanding your strengths and using them and fixing your weaknesses. Intelligence is linked to the ability to invent and creativity and these things are based on the extent of the use of time and organization and self-study and benefit from the experiences of others.

These are the most important books that help you increase your level of intelligence.

How to multiply your intelligence

This book was written by the author Scott Wan. The book reviews documented methods to help the reader achieve his goals in all fields, whether in work, politics or social relations. The author of the book explains the key to success step by step in the book.


The book tells the experience of Ahmed Shukairy in Japan, which he presented in his television program “Khawater”. It is part of a series of books documenting the events he lived there that describe various aspects of life, the way of life, how to progress and self-advancement. The first part speaks of the moral honors of the prophets and the work of the philosophers of Japan.

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Practical thinking

Because the organization is an important pillar of the success of any work, the author Fouad Zakaria worked in this book to explain the mechanism of scientific thinking. It is a kind of thinking that regulates work and leads to positive results in all walks of life, whether at work, home or with people. The book reviews the principles that must be applied to possess structured thinking in a deliberate or part of the unconscious.

Attentive thought

The book is a collection of selected articles from several subjects reviewed by Tawfiq al-Hakim in Akhbar al-Youm newspaper in the 1930s, and the book is divided into several parts, the first part of which talks about freedom of thought and expression through a study published at Cairo University and was on the field of art stories The Qur’an, the second is a collection of separate articles each one separately and the third part tells about art.

Think like Aristotle and write Shakespeare

In this book, Peter Cave explores some of the principles that can be considered very complex in a sequential manner of interesting and easy-to-understand scenarios. The book teaches the art of persuasion and dominance of the social milieu with intellectual abilities, and in a distinctive discussion style. If you read the book, your thinking becomes philosophically always seeking painful answers for everyone. What does it mean to have a future?

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Your life from failure to success

The writer “Siddig Siddik Abdul Fattah” explains the meaning of failure, and offers methods and methods to help overcome failure. These methods are based on the use of free time and not to waste the blessing of time, and from that the person knows the abilities and how to invest. The book contains the stories of some self-taught and disabled people who have overcome their disability and have reached success.

The road to leadership and personal development

Kuratuwa explains how to distinguish between all the factors that control human thought patterns, such as instinct, imagination, sensation, will, consciousness and unconsciousness, all of which form the thinking pattern and control decision-making. In order to reach the best result, all these characteristics must be achieved, the will consciously mature is the desire, thinking, rhythm and balance.

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