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10 books to read before you turn 30

10 books to read before you turn 30
10 books to read before you turn 30
10 books to read before you turn 30

10 books to read before you turn 30

Here is the food of souls and mind medicine, here are the books that give your life meaning, reading from the basics of life such as oxygen and water.


If you are an unread person, you should reconsider. Here are these books that revive your soul again.


 1. “Reflections” – Marcus Aurelius


If you reach the age of 20, and discover that nothing in your life has become as you thought at first, read the book “Meditations”, a collection of personal writings to maintain the mental power of the Greek Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who ruled from 161-180, She became remembered as one of the kings of philosophy.

2 – “The myth of Sisyphus, and other articles” – Albert Camus.

We all have his reasons to rise from bed in the early morning, and begin to ask himself about the reality of this life and this world we live in.

Perhaps Camo answers you. Everyone finds themselves in an irrational world, but they struggle to make sense of their lives. His main message is that we must move forward in our lives happily with a clear vision, and strive to get that sense of accomplishment and happiness in the end.

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3. “Crime and Punishment” – Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Aside from your personal philosophy of life, there are times when the whole world becomes against you, and you start to wonder why it is worth trying to improve yourself and help others.

Crime and Punishment is a novel about a 23-year-old man named Raskolnikov who murdered two older women, and then began struggling to remedy the act, after it began to have suicidal thoughts.

4. Anna Karenina – Leo Toleste

“The best novel ever written” is the opinion of American novelist Williamfuckner as well as Time magazine. This novel explores the current conflict in almost every aspect of human existence such as love, family, social class, and happiness.

5 – Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

This book is one of the best books ever, talking about most of the problems that occur in societies these days, the book is exposed to the most bad qualities in humans such as anger, intolerance, hatred, fear, and others. There are many living examples. Perhaps it is a valuable gift for a friend on his birthday.

 6 – thousand inventions and invention (Islamic heritage in our world) – a group of scientists.

“This book is full of ideas of Islamic civilization, starting with the island and its great hour, and the Canadian and Ibn al-Haytham and revolutionary visual theories, and their experiences and books, through astronomers who traveled the world guided by stars, and map makers, each page has a mine of information, I wish I got this book fifty years ago ”

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This is written by Adam Hart Davis, a writer and presenter of BBC TV programs.

I think his message is clear, if you are wondering what to read!

7. “Myth” – Robert A. Segal

Sigal begins with the story of Adenius as an example of the origin and development of superstition, reviews the theories of superstition and its relationship to religion, philosophy, literature, psychology, society, and then talks about the origin and development of the scientific method, in a structured and simple scientific format.

8. Siddhartha – Herriman Hess

This novel, published in its original German language in 1922, was only translated by 1951. This book tells the story of a man named Syed Harata looking for himself from his prime to adulthood.

9 – “White teeth” – Zadi Smith.

Aging also means understanding one aspect of our identity in which we were born.

The novel talks about how religion, race, and nationality affect one’s own identity, and all that affects societies.

10. “Origin of Species” – Charles Darwin

While emphasizing the invalidity of the theory of human origin and the missing link, etc., but this book in general is one of the most important books, and is one of the pillars of evolutionary biology, through which he talks about the emergence of mankind, without this book we could not see the world and understand it as today .

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