10 Reading Benefits will make you eat books

10 Reading Benefits will make you eat books
10 Reading Benefits will make you eat books
10 Reading Benefits will make you eat books

When was the last time you read a book or article in a magazine? Are your daily readings limited to Twitter Tweets and Facebook updates?

Reading is the secret of the progress of peoples and civilizations.If you continue to read whatever the subject or subject you read will change you completely, will change your life and you will look at things in another perspective and whatever we wrote about the benefits of reading will not realize its benefits unless you practice yourself then you will realize the importance of reading. I chose the following picture to show you how important reading is to a statue in Finland entitled “Read even if you sink”!

This is another picture of another statue in Japan showing that your weight and value is not in the number of kilograms in you, but the number and value of books you read!

Reading Benefits will make you eat books
Reading Benefits will make you eat books

In this article we will focus on things that will happen to you personally if you keep reading. If you are a person who does not practice reading daily, you miss out on many of the benefits of reading, including:

1- Mental stimulation

Studies have shown that staying in a state of mental stimulation slows down or prevents Alzheimer’s and amnesia.

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2. Reduce stress

No matter how much stress you are experiencing in your work, in your personal relationships or other problems you encounter in your daily life, all of that will fade once you get along with a good novel or a good article.This will keep your focus away from stress and problems and allow you to relax.


Everything you read fills your mind with information that you cannot know when it will be useful, and the more knowledge you have, the more you can cope with any challenges you face.

4. Increase vocabulary

The higher the rate of reading, the greater the vocabulary gained and used during the talk is inevitable, and the fact that a person well educated and good speaker has great benefit in any job and increases self-confidence, people who read a lot and speak well and have knowledge of different topics get faster Than others who do not have a high linguistic outcome.

5. Improve memory

When reading a book, the reader remembers the characters, their history, ambition, some fine details, and the storyline. Short-term memory recovery and mood stabilization.

6. Strengthen analytical thinking skills

Have you ever read a mysterious novel and solved the mystery yourself before you finish reading the book? If you answered yes, it means that you were able to employ your analytical thinking by observing all the fine details and arranging them to determine what events are.

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7. Improve focus

In our internet-obsessed world, attention is distributed in millions of different directions because we perform different tasks every day.For example, within five minutes a person will divide this time between performing a job, reviewing inbox, chatting with friends online, and following Twitter, phone and co-workers updates.

This type of behavior is similar to the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity and low productivity, but reading a book helps increase the concentration of the person in one topic, try to read for 20-15 minutes before work and you will be surprised to increase your concentration.

8. Improve written skills

This benefit increases by increasing the vocabulary and reading good written works, because it has a noticeable impact on a person’s written abilities such as observing rhythm and style of writing and flow just as musicians affect each other, great writers affect others.

9 – calm

In addition to the relaxation associated with reading a good book, the subject you are reading is likely to be reassuring and calm.Reading spiritual texts reduces blood pressure and brings a sense of calm.Read recently has shown that reading self-development books helps people with some mood disorders and mental illnesses.

10 – Free fun

Although many people like to buy books, which is expensive, you can borrow books from local offices or download books online. There are plenty of resources for thousands of books.

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