What is the importance of writing in the lives of peoples

What is the importance of writing in the lives of peoples
What is the importance of writing in the lives of peoples
What is the importance of writing in the lives of peoples

What is the importance of writing in the lives of peoples

No one overlooks the importance of writing in the lives of peoples, because the history and civilizations of the world can be passed on from generation to generation only by writing them on papers, newspapers and other tools, if we recognize the absence of writing in peoples’ lives.

The period of the Pharaohs when they ruled Egypt BC has been mentioned in many sources and books, as well as the ancient civilization of Greece and the arrived of their science in various fields of knowledge, and therefore the importance of writing is great, and can be summarized in a number of points in this article.

The importance of writing The transfer of knowledge and various sciences, the output of scientists in various eras has arrived through writing; where the human knowledge of the previous ideas of scientists and innovations, Voslna writings of Greek scholars such as Socrates and Plato and others, as we received books of heritage and science such as: Book of Law In medicine for Ibn Sina, and the corresponding book of Ibn al-Haytham, and many other books that have been celebrated by our libraries, has benefited from these sciences and added to them by learning and applied from the theories, also contributed to the transfer of the hadith Sharif narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him.

Writing the history of nations and peoples; writing contributed directly to the writing and recording of what happened throughout history of events, has emerged Muslim scholars in this type of writing, came the book of the history of nations and kings of Tabari, came the beginning and end of Ibn many and many other history books.

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Writing is a form of renaissance and advancement in the lives of peoples.The more useful writing and writing of books, the more that indicates the people’s culture and civilization rooted, and writing is a form of expression of creativity, where the creator was able to produce its creative and cultural stock in the form written on paper.

Writing is a way of organizing and keeping information from loss and oblivion.When you keep in mind certain information that you may forget because of your preoccupation with life, while if you write it down, you save it in such a way that you can retrieve it when you want it.

Writing is a way to save people’s rights from loss or denial.When you write a book to someone you have lent money and detailing the amount of money, the date of repayment, etc., you reserve your right to legal claim if the debtor denies paying it.

Topic about the importance of the book

The book

The book is one of the most important means of knowledge at all, and an important civilizational pillar that contributes to the development of the personality of the individual and society alike. , And a variety of ways to care about it.

 The importance of the book in life

The interest in the book has become a component of the national identity of nations and peoples; life in all its manifestations is in the dark when the book is isolated from them, interest in the book leads us to everything related to it, such as writing, reading, science and knowledge, as they are all necessary elements and links related to the book, and interest in the book is The title of civilized values ​​cherished by the nations and boast, which is the title of the diversity of science and interdependence, and creativity, genius, and excellence, and interest in the book leads us to classify books, and framing their topics, according to the message that holds and express the views of the owners through them, there are books that carry messages سامي And great in various arts of knowledge, and there are books that carry the opposite, the effects of the individual and society to the same extent and the benefits of books also that the preservation of human life from loss, forgotten him from boredom, and suppressed him from the lust of preoccupation with reading, as it is from the various The varieties of science, which is the best companion of the owner, so that his majesty exceeds the companions of friends often, has been expressed by the poet, when he said: (dearest place in the world saddle swimmer .. The best companion in dreams book).

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 Ways of interest in the book

Awareness of the value of the book and ways to deal with it is one of the most important ways of advancing the book as a cultural and educational value, as far as there is room for the book in the house, and the attention received in the family as far as happiness pervades family members. The commitment of the child from a young age to love the book from the stories of children, through small pamphlets, and through books, references, and sources when they grow up and are considered one of the most important pillars of proper education, so the value of the book must be planted in the hearts of students by encouraging the habit of reading them self, And b Make the book a motivational means to earnestness and perseverance, by giving outstanding students books or stories as rewards material encouragement.

Mosques should also have room to encourage young people to read; through the adoption of a special register to lend religious books and useful for those who want to read, there are also public libraries sponsored by municipalities and frequented by students of science, researchers and reading enthusiasts, and in our social life there is great room to highlight the value of the book, By making it a form of favorable gifts, by wrapping the book in a special cover of gifts and presenting it on various occasions, a group of people can participate in one gift, and it is the conscious and developed nations that give the book its proper place by encouraging authorship, writing and reading. Self-free, it thus makes the title of dignity and dignity, and the opposite leads to ignorance, backwardness, and dependency.

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