The importance of the book and the benefits of the book and reading

The importance of the book and the benefits of the book and reading
The importance of the book and the benefits of the book and reading
The importance of the book and the benefits of the book and reading

The importance of the book

The book consists of a two-cardboard cover with a set of papers in different numbers, arrangement and coordination belonging to the author, the publishing house, and the linguistic proofreader among them: heavenly books carry the teachings of religion and its principles, literature, and provisions, as achieved reading the internal peace and a sense of security and fill the vacuum of the spirit.

The book is an oasis of reading and knowledge of the past of ancient times and civilizations; it brings the distant to make it present in your hands; it tells you the tales of the past and the civilizations, customs, traditions and religion.

Access to leisure and entertainment and the elimination of leisure time to benefit the mind, and stir emotions, and stimulate the emulation of everything that is useful and useful.

A book is a tool of science for those who wanted to see the science of the above in order to be able to acquire them and add them. The book is a symbol of a conscious and educated nation. The more people are associated with the book, the better the society, the less crime, the more knowledge and the quietness of the character.

 Writers are the key to gaining culture, knowledge, and information.

The choice of the book is necessary, so that it fits with the reader’s age, inclinations, and desires so that the book does not turn from a tool of knowledge to a tool of demolition and destruction if a book is misunderstood because it is incompatible with age, culture or religion, or in the case of reading books that may include ideas Wrong about man, religion, life and society.

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Expand vocabulary

Reading can help greatly expose many scientific, scientific and other terms to make their way and impose themselves as significant words in a person’s vocabulary, and can help them work in any profession.

It increases the ability to speak properly and with a sense of self-confidence, which is a powerful impetus to increased self-esteem and professional development. And they have little variety of vocabulary.

Developing Critical Thinking Developing critical thinking is one of the most important benefits of reading; its practice continuously helps a person to think about information and present it to his mind to process it and increase his ability to analyze it unexpectedly by doing a critical assessment of it. Different applications in life.

Developing empathy for others The benefit of reading books lies in the development of empathy for the reader. Deepening people’s experiences, ideas, and sense of their difference may help them avoid harsh evaluation of others and move away from negative judgment.

Discovering new worlds through books Reading is one of the most important things that help to discover the great universe in all its many details, and one of the best ways that contribute to building knowledge and increasing information about it.

The books are full of experiences that can be gained due to the different experiences that have been previously experienced in this life in various aspects, in addition to the books are a window to the soul as it drives the reader to empathize with the author and see the world from his own perspective.

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