Benefits of reading books and importance of the book in our lives

Benefits of reading books
Benefits of reading books
Benefits of reading books and importance of the book in our lives

Increase the reception skill

Reading helps teach an individual the skill of receiving and communicating with others, and helps them to learn various skills at an advanced stage such as speaking and listening skills, and are necessary to acquire knowledge that helps in academic achievement in school for learners in schools.

Developing personality and thought Reading helps to expand human knowledge as it develops his thought and refines his emotional personality, as it increases his experiences and helps him to express and open wide doors for him to see the production of others artistic, scientific and intellectual and know the latest news of inventions and discoveries, expressive and intellectual methods and various human relations, which gives Its owner has a greater opportunity to adapt to others and society both within the narrow framework that encompasses the individual and the people living with him or within the framework of the human society as a whole.

Is a means of entertainment and enjoyment gives reading a sense of fun and entertainment, and helps in the mind and relaxation and relaxing nerves and relieve stress and stress, especially since reading books for the purpose of entertainment does not require criticism or focus, but it is enough to browse quickly and see the pages of the author in passing, reading a beautiful poem for example Or a joke or a fun story that gives a sense of relaxation and restores the psychological balance of the person, it also prevents the feeling of boredom during the time of Karag, and prevent the feeling of isolation and loneliness, and at the same time the reader achieves a cognitive benefit, whether literary or scientific.

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It is a key to science Reading books with writing is a key to science as it gives the person the opportunity to see what he wants from news and knowledge without having to ask others.

Its main benefits include:

It is a reason for God’s habit and knowledge of the right to know. Urges the building of the land and the knowledge of the various types of science that helps in its reconstruction.

Help to distinguish between what works and what is harmful in life. Humans gain good morals, good behavior and good qualities. Raise the status and value of man because it is one of the reasons for science.

Humans are defined by the way they respond to atheists and infidels and know their machinations. It opens new horizons for man Reading is the means that open new horizons for man to acquire ideas, science and knowledge, as it develops human abilities and brings him closer to the distant because it is the most sources of access to knowledge and science, and it is a means to convey the summary of what is produced by the human mind of experiences and literature Achievements, arts and inventions, a necessary need for the advancement of nations and the advancement and development , and is the only way to form the creators and the emergence of creations, thinkers, inventors and writers, and is to get rid of minds of myths and backwardness and ignorance.

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The importance of the book in our lives

Studies indicate that reading books helps to keep the mind healthy and protected from Alzheimer’s disease, where reading works to exercise the muscle of the mind to maintain his health and strength, and reading books are countless benefits include some of the following:

Reading religious books shows man the interpretation of the Book of Allah the Almighty.

Reading books affects man. They are delightful for themselves, nourishing science, spirit and mind. Dissolution of borders, including time and space, is imagined to the reader of the book with the events of the book at various stages. The experience gained from reading books is unparalleled in knowledge, advice, guidance, and guidance. Going past, imagining the future and keeping up with the present. The transition from our limited world to another world of different purposes and broad horizon.

Reading books allows people to distinguish between duty, permissible and hated. Working with reading and what came to achieve happiness to a man in the world and the hereafter. Reading books and developing skills Reading books leads to the identification of new vocabulary that ultimately affects human vocabulary, which will increase self-confidence, and clearly improve the self-writing that has combined its vocabulary by reading many different kinds of books.

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Reading and time Reading saves time from being lost in a preoccupation with what is not a benefit or disobedience to God. Behavior, and help people to spread the call by reading the books of the call.

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