Benefits of Reading books and developing skills

Benefits of Reading books and developing skills
Benefits of Reading books and developing skills
Benefits of Reading books and developing skills


Reading is one of the most important skills that one learns in elementary schools.It is an essential basis for one to continue to learn and receive information. There are those who consider reading as a means to fill his leisure time and enjoy his time, and there are those who consider it a necessity and methodology for his life, we will learn in this article on the concept of reading and its objectives, as we will also learn about the difference between them and To read.

 Benefits of reading

reading on mental health have great benefits, including: strengthening the nervous connections Reading and reading of the activities stimulating the human brain to do its functions, and works to develop the ability to analyze and communicate, especially in children and strengthen reading and connections of the brain.

Promoting concentration Reading is one of the mental activities that help to increase the level of concentration of the reader. Reading, analyzing, reflecting and reflecting on texts develops contemplative and expressive abilities, both oral and written, and thus raises the level of concentration, and the effort required of the reader to track the context. Reading the text or keeping the course of events in a particular narrative or retaining the names of personalities can raise the level of concentration as well, and expert advice to increase the focus of the individual eating certain types of food, sleep long enough, and stay away from habits Bad health is like smoking.

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Developing creative abilities Many mental health professionals have linked the development of the individual’s creative abilities to the rate of reading and reading.

Stimulating memory Reading is a cerebral activity that increases the reader’s mental activity, boosts mental skills, reduces memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease, and readers’ development of Alzheimer’s disease has been found to be late compared to non-readers.

Resistance to depression and stress reduces reading and reading to reduce the rate of depression and nervous tension, because it reduces the negative thoughts that the reader may have gained from the community and some experiences in his personal life, and reading reduces simple neurological diseases such as insomnia and headaches, and to combat depression can He devises a strategic plan to read certain books in areas he likes, such as the field of fiction, biography, or human development.

Mind stimulation varies from person to person, and reading is one of the most important stimuli. Receiving, absorbing and analyzing new information will stimulate the mind to work, so it is advisable to avoid reading books that require a great mental effort before sleeping. Himself to enter in a state of inactivity, and therefore will not respond like morning time, for example.

One of the benefits of reading and reading is that it develops knowledge in the field of reading. It is noted that the enjoyment that the reader receives makes him a person who is more likely to give volunteer work than others. Kar, reading helps to sleep quietly and gives calm and serenity.

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Reading, reading and the difference between them

Definition of reading

Reading is defined in the language as stated in the dictionary of the intermediate dictionary that it is the source of the verb Read and said reading books any recitation, and stated in the glossary of the meanings that the reading is: (the voice of speech in the written), reading a series of skills that are based on the written spoken Recognizing the significance of visual symbols, reading is a mental process that includes the interpretation of symbols that the reader sees, and evoke previous experiences to understand and interact with them, and begin reading by focusing on the word and finally get the full meaning.

Definition of reading

Reading in the language, as stated in the glossary of the whole meanings, it is the source of the verb has been seen, and reading books is said any reading, but in the term reading is a process of intellectual, requires the interaction of the reader, reads properly, and understand what is read, and then do what he has read and used Reading is the ability to speak different words and phrases. Reading requires reading accurately and understanding the meanings of words and sentences. When reading is separated from accuracy and correct understanding, reading cannot be called reading.

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The importance of reading in childhood Reading in childhood is one of the most important methods of developing intellectual skills in children, and works to increase their culture and develop their individual skills, and the benefits of reading in childhood: Strengthening the vocabulary of the child. Encourage the child to research and ask questions that are in his mind. Improve children’s written skills.


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